Welcome to my site, about all things violin and viola. Here you will find interesting tips and pointers, and thoughts about playing these beautiful instruments.

About me

Anna Colville M.mus

I am a professional violist and violinist performing and teaching in the Bath area UK, and via online lessons.  I have been teaching violin and viola, from beginners to advanced and students of all ages, since 2005.  I have worked as both a freelance performer and instrument tutor for many years in both the UK and Australia.
As a teacher I believe it is very important that the learning process is enjoyable, that technique and musicality work together to enhance a performance.  There is of course hard work and tenacity required to learn an instrument, but it should also be a labour of love.

I am also particularly interested in the body and movement.  Having studied martial arts and yoga for years, I'm very aware of the implications of tension and posture on all movement, and its particular relevance to playing.   My focus is always on aiming to eliminate tension, to make playing as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.  This is particularly important and higher levels, as bad posture and tension can lead to many injuries down the line.  All this stems firstly from an awareness of the body, and starting to feel the different places we all habitually carry our tension.

I began playing violin and piano at the age of 3. Studying violin, viola and chamber music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music Australia, I received my Master of Music on viola in 2005. I have since performed with orchestras and chamber groups throughout Australia and Europe.